Sandra d’Auriol

This website was created by the d’Auriol family following Sandra d’Auriol’s tragic death on 22 January 2014 after undergoing a 13 hour elective surgery procedure at a Beverly Hills clinic. Sandra’s death, following a fall from the rooftop of the medical building, in which the clinic was housed, has sparked a number of questions about the pre-operating briefing and post-operative care of patients. A report on her death concluded that post-operative neurobehavioral disturbance was the significant underlying cause of her death.

Sandra d’Auriol was a 53-year-old woman and much loved wife and mother. She was a renowned Hong Kong jewelry designer and philanthropist known for her charitable work worldwide. Her death sparked an outpouring of grief from all corners of the globe and this serves as a reminder of how she touched so many lives.

Through this website, we aim to build awareness and educate the public of the risks of post-operative neurobehavioral disturbance (POND) that may arise as a result of undergoing anesthesia to help others avoid a similar tragedy. The website also serves as a platform for healthcare practitioners, researchers and patients to discuss and share their experiences and medical expertise. In doing so, we hope to encourage best practices and facilitate discussions on future healthcare policies in this field.

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